Promoting & Preserving Performance Magical Arts

The Averbook Magic Art Museum and Library is a private museum with limited access and by appointment only. The purpose of this museum is to increase awareness and promote research of  the magical creative and performance arts by understanding their contributions to human history.

Featured Collections

Portrait of Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini

From lock picks and hand cuffs to rare books, photographs, posters and apparatus, this collection covers a wide range of artifacts and life contributions from the most famous magician of all time; Harry Houdni.

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Portrait of Harry Blackstone

Harry Blackstone

One of the most well known magician’s names of the 20th century. Harry Blackstone, Sr. and Jr. wowed audiences all over the world. Here you’ll see some of their personal apparatus, posters, photos and artifacts.

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Portrait of Maurice Raymond

Ohio Magicians

Featured in the museum are many famous magicians that hail from Ohio including Howard Thurston, Maurice Raymond, Paul Fox, George Stock, McDonald Birch. Ohio has a rich magic history and contributed greatly to the art.

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Portrait of Karl Germain

the Wizard
(Karl Germain)

The clever, creative Cleveland magician who skyrocketed to fame and performed in Europe and the US. His inventions in magic were superlative and have influenced magicians of today.

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Portrait of Theo Bamberg

(Theo Bamberg)

The sixth (or fifth depending on historical interpretation) generational magician in a lineage from Holland who was a marvelous performer and creator of fine and beautiful magic apparatus. He escaped the Nazis just before WWII. He posed as a Chinese performer with a Japanese title. Have you ever wondered where the term “bamboozle” comes from?

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Portrait of Dai Vernon

Dai Vernon

Dai Vernon was one of magic's most influential magicians of the 20th Century. Born in Canada, he became the beacon of light in Los Angeles, drawing magicians to him to watch his wonderful conjuring with cards, coins, linking rings, cups and balls plus anything he touched. His teachings on magic created a shock wave of concepts, techniques and influenced hundreds of magic students in this performance art.

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The Averbook represents more than a mere museum; it stands as a valuable resource catering to both magicians and the general public alike.

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The Averbook Blog:

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How Dr. Averbook developed his passion for magic and collecting

Dr. Averbook, a lifelong magician with a deep passion for magic history and collecting, has pursued magic for over five decades, starting from his childhood in Los Angeles.

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What is a Museum's Purpose?

Museums are at their best when they surprise, awe, and delight. People go to see in real life what a screen cannot provide, collectively experience the museum as a space, and deepen and broaden their knowledge

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What Our Visitors Have to Say

What a beautiful and stunning museum! Congratulations on this outstanding achievement. It is truly one-of-a-kind and exceptional. Thank you for hosting us and thank you for making this wonderful history available to our community.

Julie Eng

Your lifetime of collecting and love for magic is impressive, Bruce! Thank you for preserving this legacy for future generations. I wish you continued success with your collecting endeavors. (Thank you also for your hospitality!)

Lupe Nielsen